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MAPP members are active in many ways to contribute to mental health care and to the community both in Maine and elsewhere, both within and outside of MAPP. MAPP is recognized within the APA as a noteworthy District Branch for its active and innovative efforts and leadership in mental health issues despite its small size relative to most other branches. Many MAPP members are medical directors at various facilities and agencies in the state, including Goold Healthcare, APS, Maine Medical Center, Spring Harbor Hospital, Maine General Medical Center, Southern Maine Medical Center, Pen Bay, Acadia, Sweetser, Tri-County Mental Health, Counseling Services Inc., the Maine State Prison, and others, or serve in important roles as consultants, including to DHHS, the courts, and the legislature, and are active in other ways in the community as well. Below are some of the many ways MAPP members contribute to the community, or whose work has been recognized.

Legislative Alert – Vaccine-related legislation

This Thursday, the Committee on Education and Cultural Affairs of the Maine State Legislature will hold a public hearing on vaccine-related legislation. 

Please consider submitting written testimony on one, two, three or all four bills.  LD 96 and LD 833 are of particular focus, but I welcome you to address whichever bills feel most important. 

The MMA-CQI Learning Lab

MMA-CQI is delighted to have you join us. The site offers dynamic and engaging content and online courses related to our programs, which you can easily access via the main menu options, described below in greater detail. To access our online courses, you need to sign up and login. Follow these instructions.

In the fall of 2016, we launched the first online program in the Learning Lab. In the spring of 2017, we launched several others, including Caring for ME, our program addressing Maine’s opioid epidemic.

When you click Programs, you’ll see the program tabs and then under each tab, the menu options for each program. You can get to any page associated with a program by using this menu system.

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