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Member Highlights

MAPP members are active in many ways to contribute to mental health care and to the community both in Maine and elsewhere, both within and outside of MAPP. MAPP is recognized within the APA as a noteworthy District Branch for its active and innovative efforts and leadership in mental health issues despite its small size relative to most other branches. Many MAPP members are medical directors at various facilities and agencies in the state, including Goold Healthcare, APS, Maine Medical Center, Spring Harbor Hospital, Maine General Medical Center, Southern Maine Medical Center, Pen Bay, Acadia, Sweetser, Tri-County Mental Health, Counseling Services Inc., the Maine State Prison, and others, or serve in important roles as consultants, including to DHHS, the courts, and the legislature, and are active in other ways in the community as well. Below are some of the many ways MAPP members contribute to the community, or whose work has been recognized.

What’s Next – Re-emerging from the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (PHE),

We are operating in uncharted territory and there are very few clear answers currently. This is a very fluid situation and the risk management recommendations below may change. This document will be updated on our FAQ page (, and should be checked regularly. Nothing presented here is legal advice.  While we do not know exactly what will happen next in terms of the country re-emerging from the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (PHE), psychiatrists should be prepared to address at least the following issues: