Your Help is Needed to Protect Maine’s Children!

We are less than 5 weeks away from the March 3rd referendum seeking to repeal the new vaccine law that eliminates nonmedical exemptions. The MMA has been working with over 50 other groups as part of the Maine Families for Vaccines coalition in order to defeat this repeal effort.

In the past week or so the proponents of the repeal have put up signs arguing for people to vote “Yes”, with the tag line “Reject Big Pharma.” This misleading message has resulted, paradoxically, in hundreds of people reaching out to the “No” campaign asking how they can help defeat the referendum. “No on One” signs have just arrived and will be appearing around the state soon, with the message “Protect Maine’s children.”

The “No on One” campaign will be holding a campaign rollout event this coming Tuesday, February 4th, at 10:30 a.m. in the Welcome Center at the State House in Augusta. Members of the coalition groups, including MAPP members, are invited to join in the event to demonstrate support for public health. If there was ever a time to block your calendars this is it! Seating will begin at 10 am, and lawn signs will be available.

Finally, these campaigns are costly. The “Yes” side has been far more successfully in raising money to support its messaging than has the “No” campaign. Please help with this effort by clicking and donating to the Maine Families for Vaccines PAC.

Anyone can vote on March 3rd regardless of party affiliation. Don’t forget to vote to protect Maine’s children!

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