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MAPP holds an Annual general membership meeting and full-day CME event in the Spring and/or Fall of each year. The CME session is coordinated with MAPP programs such as postpartum depression and consultation projects.

The continued commitment of MAPP is to make the annual conference interesting for both primary care physicians, psychiatrists and other clinicians with an interest in mental health.

MAPP’s Annual Spring Program:

Microdosing in Psychiatry
Thursday, April 27, 2023 – 5:00 – 8:30 p.m.

Hilton Garden Inn, Old Town Hall, 5 Park Street, Freeport, ME

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Revised Program Agenda


A Healthy Conversation with Steve Woods & Dr Jeff Barkin, MD, DFAPA

Each week on  A Healthy Conversation, hosts Steve Woods and Dr. Jeff Barkin engage national leaders and local experts from the clinical, business, scientific, academic, and political communities about the issues that impact us all. Topics on the show cover everything from emerging technologies and policy work, to personal and/or public health, to educational and environmental issues. Show guests have included representatives from the CDC and medical companies, educators and innovators, as well as local business leaders, retailers, and government officials. An honest and upbeat dialogue about today’s realities and tomorrow’s developing opportunities, each show showcases the thinkers and explores the thinking that will help us change the conversation.



Event Calendar

12jun7:30 am12jul8:30 amA Brief Discussion of Mental Health First Aid (webinar)

14jun7:30 pm8:30 pmAssessment and Access to Lethal Means Counseling

Other Opportunities

Approved by MMET for PRA Category I CME Credits

Our ten educational podcasts offer insight and empathy about subjects that are hard to talk about because of stigma, shame and silencing. Each podcast includes highlights from conversations with clients, caregivers and experts describing what it is like to live with clinical issues that are marginalized. Recent research shows that listeners feel more understanding and confidence addressing these subjects after hearing these shows.  Listen at (or at the links below) then click on the “Questions” tab to register, fill out the evaluation, pay the $30 per listening hour, and print out a certificate that gives you a permanent record of your CME credit. If you are a member of the Maine Association of Psychiatric Physicians, you can receive your CME credit for free. We hope you enjoy these heartfelt interviews and incorporate the wisdom, courage and recommendations into your work.

SSR Host

Dr. Anne Hallward is a board-certified psychiatrist in Portland, Maine. Formerly on the faculty at Harvard Medical School, she co-designed and taught courses on death and dying, cultural competence, sexuality, and psychiatric interviewing. The recipient of numerous awards for her work in mental health, social justice, and radio broadcasting, Anne speaks internationally on public health, the role of the clinician in fostering courage, shame and traumatic silence, and

re-humanization in medical practice. Learn more about Dr. Hallward and the organization here.

“These podcasts are not only educational and informative, they are also inspiring and really touch your heart”

Lynn Ouellette, MD

Trauma Informed 101 Webinar: (169) Trauma Informed 101 Presentation – YouTube

Training Portal –

MaineHealth is hosting a lunch and learn series. For session dates, topics, and to register, see Pediatric Psychiatry and Behavioral Health in Primary Care Learning Series webpage.

Journal Club

MAPP journal club is open to all psychiatrists and psychiatric APRNs interested in participating or receiving journal club readings, and regardless of MAPP membership. Our Journal Club started March 2006 and meets monthly at various locations. You can join in person, or participate by vidoeconference (contact Dr. Jeff Barkin at or Dr. David Moltz at for more information about remote participation). An opportunity to meet with your colleagues, journal club is focused on directed reading of selected contemporary papers in psychiatry. With a wide focus of topics, we also emphasize methods and research design to help members learn to interpret clinical trials.

Although we meet in person in Portland, other local area groups, such as in central Maine, are developing. All papers are distributed via the MAPP Journal Club listserv’s email to allow participants from all over to join. You can subscribe to the MAPP Journal Club listserv here. Links to abstracts of Journal Club articles and other past content can be found on the Past Journal Club Topics archival page. So come and join us: a social opportunity with a lot of learning and great food!

Contact MAPP

P.O. Box 190, Manchester, ME 04251-1090
(207) 622-7743

MAPP Resources

The Maine Association of Psychiatric Physicians Resources section contains a variety of information contributed by MAPP members and other individuals that we hope will be useful to MAPP members, other psychiatric practitioners, and the interested public.

Maine Association of Psychiatric Physicians Membership

Participation is key, and MAPP and APA offer many activities geared to enrich your professional life as well as bring you educational opportunities.