Meet your New MAPP Executive Council Members

Following elections in late May, we are delighted to annouce we have two new MAPP Executive Council Members who have joined MAPP leadership:

Resident Fellow Member / Robert King, MD

Dr. King is a co-chief resident at the Maine Medical Center psychiatry residency, finding great fulfillment in his role as an outpatient psychiatrist. He came to this profession after a career racing bikes as a professional cyclist, followed by many years working in clinical research. He is a NH native, now proud to call Maine home.
Treasurer / Donald McNally, DO

Treasurer / Donald McNally, DO, FAPA

Dr. McNally is a Board-Certified Addiction Psychiatrist and is the State Medical Director of Maine for Better Life Partners. In this role, Dr. McNally oversees the implementation, medical staff, and care for Better Life Partner’s opioid and alcohol use disorder programs in Maine. Additionally, Dr. McNally is currently the lead for the development and implementation of a full-service alcohol use disorder program that encompasses the full spectrum of the disorder for all states of operation.

Prior to Better Life Partners, he served as the executive medical lead at AmeriHealth Caritas a managed care company who provided services to the Medicaid population of NH. He also has served as the medical director of a regional substance use treatment hub at Maine Behavioral Healthcare. Dr. McNally continues to be an active advocate for mental health and substance use disorders in both New Hampshire and Maine. He also is an active member of several committees in both New Hampshire and Maine including the Citizens Health Initiative Leadership Advisory Board and the Maine Medical Professionals Health Program Advisory Committee.
Other Executive Council Changes:

Hamish Haddow, MD

Dr. Haddow  has transitioned from Resident-Fellow Member to Assembly Representative and Legislative Chair. Dr. Haddow was instrumental in encouraging MMA residents to join MAPP/APA.

Andres Abreu, MD

Dr. Abreus term as Assembly Representative had expired but he is now one of your Councilor Members.   Dr. Abreu continues his role as Membership Chair which put in place many incentives to encourage MAPP membership. Part of those changes included the development of a marketing piece.   A copy of the membership flyer can be found HERE.

Jeffrey Barkin, MD, DFAPA

Dr. Barkin served as former MAPP EC President and Treasurer, has agreed to serve as MAPP’s Public Affairs Chair. Dr. Barkin had stepped down from the Executive Council a couple of years ago when he was invited to join the Maine Medical Association’s Board of Directors. In September, he will complete his term as the President of the MMA. Dr. Barkin’s passion for educating the public about issues facing physicians and their patients made him the perfect choice for this role.

The remaining MAPP Executive Council Members are as follows:
Henry Skinner, MD, DFAPA (President)
Robert McCarley, MD, DFAPA (Councilor)
Dan Potenza, MD, FAPA (Councilor)Regana Sisson, MD (Secretary)
Annya Tisher, MD (2nd Assembly Representative)

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