Safe Medicine Disposal for ME Program

Program Brochure

MAPP is a supporter of and a program partner in the Safe Medicine Disposal for ME program, which provides Maine’s residents with a safe disposal option for unused and unwanted medicine. Free medicine mailback envelopes are available at participating sites.

Numerous agencies across the state have installed secure drop boxes in the lobby of their facilities or accept them directly from the consumer for the proper disposal of expired, unwanted, or unused prescription drugs. This effort permits the consumer to get these drugs out of their home at their convenience rather than waiting for the next take-back day. Getting unwanted, expired or unneeded controlled substances out of people’s homes and properly disposed of is very important for public health, safety and evironmental reasons.

A Google map outlining Maine law enforcement agencies that maintain secure drop-boxes or accept unused and unwanted medicines from the citizens they serve has also been released. You can view the map by clicking here. To view contact information and agency names for these sites, please click here to visit the Safe Medicine Disposal for ME website.

The map’s creation is a collaborative effort of the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency, The Office of the Maine Attorney General, The International Institute for Pharmaceutical Safety, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, SRC Technologies, Inc., Husson College of Pharmacy, Safe Medicine Disposal for Me., UMaine Center on Aging, The College of Pharmacy and the College of Osteopathic Medicine of the University of New England.

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